All My Codebase Are Belong To You

I’ve just gone through and tidied up the code a bit, and implemented the feature allowing users to switch between spline types. Given the time constraint, I’ll admit that I went for the less-risky-though-not-so-elegant solution, and rather than switch splines within a single scene, I’ve just duped the scene eight times and switch scenes (e.g. levels) via key commands. It’s seamless and works very well.

I’m about to upload the prototype, and once that’s done, time permitting, I’ll add a final video.

Still have one more post to do as well, regarding projected plans for the installation itself.

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The preceding entry is a cross-post of one of ten (10) blog posts originally included with my submission of Artifish as an entry in Google's 2014 DevArt competition, formatted more or less as it appears on the DevArt site. I decided to cross-post here because 1) the original entries were posted out of sequence due to a GitHub glitch, and 2) If Google dismantles or moves the DevArt site I'll have a version preserved here. Here is some background information on Artifish and the DevArt entry, as well as a full listing of the posts