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Archives: April 2014

Columbia Team Puts Heads in the Cloud
Columbia Team Puts Heads in the Cloud
Filed In: Sci Tech, Wearables
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Sci Tech, Wearables
No sooner had I read the piece on Ensomniac Studios’ Conductar: Moogfest app, than I stumbled onto an event posting by Columbia University’s CLOUD Lab for a Research Workshop called “How Does the Brain Respond to the City?”. The goal… Read more

HOLO 01 Hits the Scene
HOLO 01 Hits the Scene
Filed In: Art+Tech+Science
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Creative Application Network (CAN) announced today the release of the first issue of their much anticipated “HOLO1”, a “book-a-zine”, which has been in production since its successful funding on Kickstarter over a year ago. The CAN site is devoted to… Read more

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