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Digital Harmony Extended

matrixiii_titleThis is an initial iteration of an effort to bring “Matrix III” (1972), an experimental animation short created by John Whitney, into an interactive context. At this point it consists only of the elements from the first “scene” (just after the title sequence, from 1:00 to 1:42), in which four groups of six circles are animated on a circuitous path at varying speeds and directions.

This project is largely an exploratory mission through which we’ll glean a set of visual routines for u-gruve; whether it survives as an independent app is “TBD”, as they say.

imageIf you are unfamiliar with it, please first have a look at the original animation. That it continues to garner views and accolades is a testament to its originality, intellectual / emotional appeal, and significance in the history of computer graphics.

Also, please note that this version does not contain any music or sound . . . all in good time . . .

Since we are in development / testing mode, interaction is currently limited to keyboard control. Admittedly, it’s a bit wonky, so please read the Usage Notes.

Keyboard Controls
Usage Notes
Start, ContinueSpaceReverseR
  • Before starting the app, you MUST click into the app window. If you click-out while the app is running, you'll need to click back in to use the controls
  • If you are on a Mac, please use Safari, as there are known performance conflicts between Chrome and Mac OS
  • To increase/decrease speed, you must do a keypress for each increment; you can't just hold the key down to continuously increase/decrease speed.
  • If you are susceptible to seizures due to strobing, please be cautious if/when increasing speed, as strobing will occur.
Show/Hide PathLShow/HIde TrailsT
Matrix III, Scene 11Artifish2

To begin, click in the viewing area below and hit the spacebar on your keyboard. If you are seeing a “Get Unity Web Player” button, then you need to get the Unity plug-in in order to view the app. Click the button and follow the instructions.

Unity Web Player. Install now!
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