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SuperForms Series 02

Here are some more results from our ongoing design exploration of the , in which we’ve been developing a Color Distribution Methodology for rendering “SuperShapes” in full color.

In this series, we began exploring a different range of input parameters, and the results were quite amazing, including a set that falls more into the the “abstract” category rather than “floral”; even with the abstraction, though, symmetry prevailed. Also note that we are now working with professionaly-developed color palettes, at last. Many thanks to Rihana Azam / RAV Design, Inc., who graciously contributed these fantastic colors.

See the full gallery index for more images.

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The Superformula is a mathematical equation derived from the Super Ellipse and, more generally, from Polar Geometry. It was first suggested by the Dutch botanist Johan Geilis in 1997. See the full Wikipedia article
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