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Series 03

With this series we’ve taken a relatively large step forward in visual quality, most notably by resolving the moire issue that had been plaguing previous iterations. This was accomplished by using a thicker line, which not only solves that problem, but creates a richer, more “present” image. Seeing these images now, it’s hard to look at the older ones, but we’re leaving them up anyway (see Series 01 and 02 below) for reference.

Series 02

In this series, we began exploring a different range of input parameters, and the results were quite amazing, including a set that falls more into the the “abstract” category rather than “floral”; even with the abstraction, though, symmetry prevailed. Also note that we are now working with professionaly-developed color palettes, at last. Many thanks to Rihana Azam / RAV Design, Inc., who graciously contributed these fantastic colors.

Series 01

These three sets of images represent our initial attempts to render SuperShapes within Unity3D, in the context of revisiting and fully digitizing works by John Whitney. Admittedly, the results are somewhat primitive, with a purely test-oriented palette, used mostly for contrast. We’re also keenly aware of the moire patterns and are working to find ways to minimize the effect.

Event Horizon
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