In preparation for the release of cambia432, our collection of Digital Art Timepieces for the iPad, we’ve created a launch site to provide early adapters with information about the app, as well as an opportunity to try a web-based demo version.

The site contains images and videos of the “Minima” and “Spira” timepieces, to visualize the concepts behind cambia432’s novel approach to time display. While there are two additional timepieces, “Lyria I” and “Lyria II”, detailed descriptions and illustrations were not included because they utilize the traditional hand/rotational model with which consumers should already be familiar.

In addition to the images and videos, interested visitors can sign up for the cambia432 Launch List. Signing up entitles enrollees to receive early notification of the initial product launch and promo-code availability, as well e-mail updates on subsequent releases and related events. Sign-up also gives users access to a fully-functional, albeit web-based, demo of the app. Visitors may also optionally sign up for Beta Testing.

With the launch site now live, we anticipate that the cambia432 app will be released within the next four to six weeks. We’re extremely excited about getting this app out there, and encourage you to learn more about it on the launch site.

cambia432 Launch Site: