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SuperForms Series 01, Set 03

Digital Harmony, page 12In this series our goal was to reproduce the image on the right. Here, the point clusters have the effect of gold chain-link, or some kind of delicate weave of stardust and crystal.

As of yet, we haven’t found the precise combination of parameters to get it just right, but the images that we have produced possess a very similar effect. Perhaps even more amazing is that it seems that only by seeing the curves in terms of their exact points are we able to truly see their totality. Once lines have been drawn, and connections made, the fullness is obscured, the purity lost.

Viewing Tip: Due to the nature of point-rendered illustrations, viewing these images at less than full size may result in distortion and loss of detail. To view the full-size version, click the thumbnail, and then click the double-arrow icon at the top-right of the frame.

Event Horizon
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