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Memetic Arts products live and breathe at the intersection of Technology, Art, and You. Whether it’s an entirely new platform for music visualization or a fun little app for making cool images, we strive to enrich the lives of our customers and communities by channeling the inspired vision of our Studio-M artists through our unique applications. In the end, when you use our products, we simply want you to say “Ahhhhh!”.

The listing below highlights the features of our most significant projects. You’ll notice that some are still in testing or pilot phases; if you would like to participate as a tester, feel free to get in touch. And if you have questions or feedback, that’s ok, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting!

cambia432 [logo] cambia432 is a collection of digital art timepieces that uses auto-generated polar geometry for its clockfaces. The concept grew out of work we'd been doing on some other projects, and presented an opportunity to get a product to market relatively quickly. While currently available only for the iPad, we plan on quickly expanding compatibility to the iPhone, as well as to the full range of Android devices. And yes, iWatch compatibility is on the horizon as well, stay tuned!

Visit the cambi432 site to learn about the app and join the Launch List. If you know you want it, you can download cambia432 on the App StoreDownload_on_the_App_Store_Badge

logo_wavemaker WaveMaker is a fun digital diversion that we created while looking for ways to easily produce the curve-based background images that you see on this site. The app, which currently appears only on the web, takes a mix of random and user-controlled parameters to generate some very interesting results. We thought they could be used for interesting background images, wallpapers, greeting cards, or whereever else you might need a unique piece of abstract art!

Check out the and start making waves!

logo_ug2d3d u-gruve is an interactive music visualization system that offers DJs/VJs, electronic musicians, cyber-artists, and music enthusiasts a way to simultaneously mix beats, loops and realtime animation in a single performance via an iPad app. Performances can be output to a big-screen and PA system for live settings, and [the data] can be recorded, replayed, uploaded, and shared on u-gruve.com as well as the major social networks.

We call this new approach "Environmental Mixing", because u-gruve replaces the 'traditional' knob-and-slider-based controller with vibrant, rich virtual spaces that have been embedded with the beats, loops, and visual events, thereby turning the world around you into an instrument. Using the same controls found in video games, the participants/performer navigates the environment and triggers the events to render the track. And because the audio and visual elements have been intrinsically designed by Studio-M artists to work together, the sight-sound connection is much tighter than what you'd normally experience in other multimedia performances, resulting in a deeper, more satisfying emotional response.

The World is Your Mixer. Play the Space!

u-gruve is currently in development. The 2D version will be available on iOS in late 2015, with the release of the 3D version still to be determined.

logo_ugAR u-gruve AR extends the core concept of Environmental Mixing from the virtual to the real world. The "AR" stands for Augmented Reality, an emerging and fast-growing technology which combines computer data and physical surroundings into a single experience. With u-gruve AR, tracks have been created by Studio-M artists for specific locations. When participants visit these locations, launch the u-gruve AR app on their iOS device, activate their GPS and choose from a menu of artists and tracks available for that location. With headphones, participants then walk freely about the location, listening to the music as it evolves from section to section, based on whichever path the user chooses.

Participants can optionally view the familiar "blue dot" on a satellite map of the area as they move from place to place, as well as an overlay of the track's "MixMap", which diagrams the zones and audio events that define the track to which they are listening. Additionally, if they are not able to be in the intended geographic area, the MixMap can be transposed and scaled to the user's location. While not the optimal experience, this still allows the participant to enjoy the music.

As with u-gruve 2D and u-gruve 3D, the path data can be saved, replayed, uploaded and shared on u-gruve.com and major social networks

The World is Your Mixer. Play the Space!

u-gruve AR is currently in development, and will be available on iOS in late 2015.

Please visit

logo_nooflow When it rolls out in 2016, nooflow will be the first U.S.-based service to deliver digital, kinetic art direct to customer's connected devices. Targeted primarily for home flatscreen displays, Nooflow subscribers can select works created by established and emerging multimedia artists, create a "display schedule", and assign the schedule to any registered screen in the household.

The key differentiator between nooflow and other digital art subscription services is that Nooflow pieces are kinetic rather than static, e. g. the art "runs" like a computer program, and by definition, changes over time. Additionally, the art may be multimedia in nature, in that it could include an audio component as well.

nooflow subscription plans will be available to both residential and commerical customers, with a tiered pricing plan, starting at US$14.95. All of the art pieces that comprise the nooflow catalog are sourced through Studio-M, Memetic Arts' in-house collective of some of the hottest emerging and established talent in the electronic arts field. And each time a title is included within a playlist, the artist is compensated with a royalty, so not only are you getting some great digital art, but you are also showing your support for the artist.

Launching in 2016.

logo_dhex John Whitney published his seminal work "Digital Harmony: On the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art" in 1980, just as the personal computer revolution was about to begin. The period that Whitney had spent developing his theory and techniques, however, largely predated that era, and required a very tedious process for realizing his vision.

Digital Harmony Extended revisits and reimagines Whitney's concepts by implementing them with today's technology and delivering them in a single iPad app. The theory and math are clearly explained, hands-on examples are provided. For the more adventerous, there are even sections in which the code (from the original book) is presented and analyzed so that readers can further extend it in their own contexts.

Given Whitney's overall influence on today's digital artists, animators and filmmakers, but the relative obscurity of his work, we feel that this is an important and vital project not just for the creative community, but for all arts-minded enthusiasts, educators, and students.

on this intriguing topic.

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